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Change lives. One student at a time.

Current opportunities for tutors

Become one of over 1,000 tutors who are stepping up to help the students who are most in need. Look for the “apply by” date and get your name in early, as waitlists are typical across districts.

Chatham County Schools 

Pay rate: starting at $15/hr
Hours: 10-25/week

Hoke County Schools 

Pay rate: Non-certified: $15/hr, Certified: $30/hr
Hours: 20 hours/wk

Lincoln County Schools

Pay rate: starting at $15/hr
Hours: 10-25/week

Make an impact

Want to make a difference in your own backyard? Start with elementary students.

See how tutors are helping students do better in school through high-impact tutoring. By working with students in person, three days per week, for 30 minutes at a time, tutors can help significantly improve students’ math and reading skills.

Retired Teacher in Green Sweater

Discover what it’s like to be a tutor

Watch this informative video for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a tutor. Learn all about high-impact tutoring, what training and support you receive, and how to get started.

Learning Coach and Tutor

Training and experience

Mission-driven work can also be valuable experience. The paid, best-in-class training from NCEC you receive isn’t just good for your resume. It may also provide class credit for school and professional continuing education. Initial NCEC training is just 20 hours and online. Tutors also receive structured coaching and support throughout the school year.

Attend a virtual information session

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Discover more about what it means to help students thrive as an NCEC corps member. Learn what’s required, what training you’ll receive, and what life is like in the classroom. It’s also an opportunity to ask all of your most pressing questions.

What tutors are saying


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