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Equipping caring adults to unlock student potential

High-impact, in-person literacy and math tutoring for K-5th graders

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Accelerating student learning

We’re helping K-5 students who are behind in reading and math get the high-impact, in-person tutoring they need to thrive. Across North Carolina, we’ve helped thousands of students, primarily in Title I schools, see outsized gains in student growth.

See how we’ve been helping students do better in school and why high-impact tutoring is one of the most effective tools to do so.

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Current opportunities for tutors

Become one of over 1,000 tutors who are stepping up to help the students who are most in need. Look for the “apply by” date and get your name in early, as waitlists are typical across districts.

Chatham County Schools 

Pay rate: starting at $15/hr
Hours: 10-25/week

Hoke County Schools 

Pay rate: Non-certified: $15/hr, Certified: $30/hr
Hours: 20 hours/wk

Lincoln County Schools

Pay rate: starting at $15/hr
Hours: 10-25/week

Strengthening communities

We believe that the people best positioned to help students succeed are in their own backyard — the parents, caregivers, retired teachers, and college students from those same communities.

Over 1,000 tutors have supported over 230 schools in over 30 districts to date. When those tutors help students do better in school, they play an active part in strengthening the communities we all call home.

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