Summer 2023 Ambassador

Help us recruit, train, and support literacy tutors for tutoring students and accelerating learning.

Social Media

Week 1: Introducing NC Ed Corps

I am a member of the North Carolina Education Corps! NC Education Corps was established to help elementary students learn to read and provide the personalized support they need to stay on track in school.

This summer, I'll be taking some time to share more about my experience as an elementary literacy tutor on social media. If you have questions about this program or you're interested in becoming a tutor, please reach out! I'd love to chat more and connect you with some resources to get started.

Week 2: Follow NC Ed Corps on Facebook and Twitter

In the 2-3 years since North Carolina Education Corps was founded, the organization's impact and reach have quickly spread to public schools all across the state. This is especially important following the pandemic, which exacerbated many existing challenges in our education system.

To learn more about NC Ed Corps's mission and impact, I would encourage you to follow North Carolina Education Corps on Facebook or explore their website here:

Week 3: Why I chose to be a literacy tutor.

What made you apply for NC Education Corps? Share something personal!

Week 4: Impact

During the 2021-22 school year, North Carolina Education Corps made a HUGE impact for K-5 students who were previously falling behind. NC Ed Corps served:

148 schools

23 districts

3,000 students

I am so proud to be part of this growing organization. The corps is recruiting new members now! If you have questions about becoming a literacy tutor in your local school district, please don't hesitate to ask me. Learn more:

Week 5: My favorite part about being a literacy tutor.

What's your favorite part about tutoring K-5 literacy skills? Share a personal story!

Week 6: You don't need an education degree

You don't need an education degree to impact a child's life. You just have to be there!

Is your schedule flexible enough to commit to at least three days a week? Are you passionate about supporting students, teachers and public schools? This is your sign to become a literacy tutor at your local public school.

North Carolina Education Corps is recruiting! Check out their website to learn more and apply at a school near you:

Week 7: How to become a tutor

Becoming a local literacy tutor through the North Carolina Education Corps does NOT require a specific degree. The best way to get started is to visit and sign up for a free Q&A session.

If you would have questions for ME, I'd love to chat about this program. Send me a message, and let's talk!

Week 8: Impact

One reason I'm proud to be a literacy tutor with North Carolina Education Corps is the measurable difference our 1:1 time with students can make in just a few months. Here is one testimonial from Principal McClean at South Johnson Elementary School:

Week 9: What is "high-impact tutoring"?

To work with students in my local school, I went through training to become a "high-impact tutor" with North Carolina Education Corps.

This type of tutoring focuses on providing sustained and consistent 1:1 time. It's driven by data and research. While it does not REPLACE classroom instruction, it greatly enhances the overall education experience for students — especially those who are working to grow and master foundational skills! I'm so proud to be making an impact in the classroom each week.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, I encourage you to sign up for a Q&A session with NC Ed Corps:

Week 10: Impact

I am proud to be a local literacy tutor through North Carolina Education Corps. In this upcoming school year, the corps plans to continue adding much-needed capacity to K-5 elementary classrooms across our state.

Anyone can become a high-impact tutor! Shoot me a message if you have questions about getting involved and making a difference for students where you live.

Week 11: The best experience I've had as a literacy tutor so far...

Share a specific story about your experience as a literacy tutor! It could be something funny, rewarding or heartfelt.

Week 12: How to become a tutor

Thank you to everyone who has followed along this summer as I have shared more about my experience as a K-5 literacy tutor! I'm so excited to kick off another impactful year in the classroom.

If you want to make a difference in a public school near you, please don't wait to start. You can shoot me a message or check out the North Carolina Education Corps website to learn more and sign up for a Q&A session: