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North Carolina's public school superintendents, like so many other members of our communities, are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19. In response, the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) and Office of the Governor, in partnership with former state superintendent Mike Ward, have launched the North Carolina Education Corps (NCEC) to help address those immediate challenges.

NCEC will recruit, train and deploy talented community members to support our public school districts, their students, and families. Corps members will help:

· Serve as tutors and mentors.

· Help students and families navigate the digital learning environment.

· Assist teachers and counselors to serve as linchpins between students and the social, emotional, trauma-response resources that they need.

· Help district leaders track COVID cases as a contact tracer.

· Mentor high school students who have stopped logging in or are showing up only sporadically.

These activities will be delivered consistent with the principles of Whole Child, Equity, and Excellence in North Carolina public education. We invite you to complete this application to participate not only in the program this spring but also to help shape the future design of NCEC in response to your district's need.


This application serves to help us better understand your district's needs and gauge your level of commitment to participating in the inaugural cohort of North Carolina Education Corps. For example, we want to understand 1) how many Corps members you are likely to hire; 2) who on your staff will serve as a site supervisor to oversee Corps members; and 3) which district's are best prepared to make the most of Education Corps members.


Our deadline to apply to receive Corps members for the fourth quarter (spring 2021) is December 18.


After you submit a completed application, a member of our selection review committee will email you to coordinate a follow-up discussion about your application submission. This follow up will come by early February 2021.

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  • We ask applicants to express their preferences on hours per week, time of day, roles, and in-person or virtual. We will try to best match corps members to your districts specific needs. If you could provide specific details of your needs as you know them, that will enable us to deliver to you all applicants that best fit your needs. Please ensure you specify the roles needed and number of corps members per role (e.g. tutor/mentor, digital navigator, contact tracer, volunteer coordinator, counselor's aide). For example: 5 tutors, 15-20 hrs/week, anytime 7am-5pm M-F, in-person. 2 contact tracers, 20-30 hrs/week, anytime, including nights and weekend, virtual.
  • This information will help us ensure that NC Ed Corps provides all essential supplemental training to ensure corps member competency and success.
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