High-Impact Tutoring: Some Research-Based Essentials

It’s no surprise that at North Carolina Education Corps, we’re a proponent of high-impact– or high-dosage– tutoring. 

Of the many existing tutoring interventions and program models, high-impact tutoring is researched-backed and shows the most evidence of learning acceleration – helping students regain academic ground post-COVID-19. 

EducationWeek recently interviewed Susanna Loeb, the founder and executive director of the National Student Support Accelerator. The Accelerator offers resources and implementation frameworks for those interested in implementing high-impact tutoring in their communities. 

Education Week’s conversation with Loeb explores: 

  • What makes tutoring effective;
  •  What do we know about what makes a good tutor;
  •  What is the classroom teacher’s role if the teacher is not also acting as a student’s tutor;
  •  What are the most critical structural pieces of an effective tutoring program;
  • And more

To learn more about the state of high-impact tutoring from Susanna’s perspective, read the full interview on edweek.org