Georgia Broitman

When Georgia Broitman was faced with the challenges of online school, she decided to take the opportunity to do something different. As someone who is interested in becoming a teacher, she felt that joining the North Carolina Education Corps would be the perfect chance to get real-world experience and impact her community

Georgia Broitman is a rising junior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in human development and family studies. She is originally from Maryland, fluent in Spanish, and passionate about educational equity. “I decided to take this semester off of school because I was not learning well virtually and I figured students probably also were not learning well so I wanted to help them recover from that and give emotional support in addition to the academic support,” Georgia said.

While serving with NCEC as a literacy tutor in a Wake County elementary school, Georgia helped students in kindergarten, third grade, and fourth grade. They worked on letter formation, phonic, spelling, reading comprehension, and other early literacy skills. 

Corps Member Experience

One of Georgia’s favorite memories from the classroom was receiving a card from a student during teacher appreciation week that thanked her for helping the student and helping their dreams come true. “The personal affirmation as well as the academic affirmation is huge,” Georgia said as she explained how seeing a students’ progress has been very rewarding. 

Relationship building has been an integral part of Georgia’s corps member experience. Knowing that someone cares about them can have a significant impact in the life of a student. ““I was getting out of my car and the school bus was coming in and one of my kindergarteners saw me out the window and she just pressed her face up against the window and she looked so excited… That made me smile.”

Georgia also got to build relationships through professional development and meeting other educators. She said she learned a variety of both hard and soft skills while being in the classroom and that NCEC has helped her grow as a student and educator. 

More about Georgia

Georgia Broitman is a Human Development and Family Studies major currently attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Where Georgia has volunteered in the past: Know Your IX, Grow Your World, and Montgomery County 4-H

Why Georgia is passionate about NC Education Corps: “I’m really passionate about educational equity and ways we can use education to make the world a better place and the North Carolina Education Corps has given me a position in a school to do just that.”

Why Georgia thinks you should join the NC Education Corps: “Your impact is bigger than you’ll ever know or see”